About Karen & Ann

Meet Ann Anderson & Karen Bernetti

Co-creators of the Ready2Sellin30Days System


Ann Anderson is the owner of Rooms Rebor, offering real estate staging and interior decorating and redesign services to homeowners in Connecticut since 2001. She is also the founder and Director of the School of Interior Redesign, which offers training programs for those interested in becoming real estate stagers, interior decorators and redesigners.

Ann has been featured in many publications and television shows, including her own show, Rooms Reborn, on public access television. She is also co-founder of the Association of Design Education which was formed to promote excellence in the field of specialized design education. ADE offers continuing education and ongoing support to today’s design professionals. 

Ann became a believer in staging after seeing the difference it made in her clients’ houses – and in the money they made on the sale of those houses. The feedback from both Realtors and buyers has only strengthened this belief. When Karen Bernetti approached her with the Ready2Sellin30Days concept, Ann knew it would be the perfect way to get the”‘secrets” of staging to as many do-it-yourself home sellers as possible. 


Karen Bernetti is one of the many successful graduates of Ann Anderson’s School of Interior Redesign. She is a professional Home Stager, owner of Staging4Smooth Transitions and a former Realtor. She has been compassionately coaching sellers through the successful home sale process since 2006 and specializes in assisting seniors with their downsize moves.     

Karen became an advocate for staging because as a Realtor she saw how frequently homes were undervalued, simply because of the way they looked. She knows what a huge difference staging can make and her passion is teaching sellers how to do it right. Because she knows hiring a home stager is not a practical option for everyone, she created the do-it-yourself Ready2Sellin30Days concept and asked Ann Anderson – one of the best educators she knew – to help her develop and launch this comprehensive program.