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Jan 19

Inexpensive Staging Ideas

Vignette staging

There is a lot of information on why the costs of staging when putting a house on the market are worth every penny.  And that is certainly true. But there are still ways to save money when staging – ways that won’t compromise the quality of the staging itself, but will help save on the …

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Jan 15

Priced NOT to Sell?


Realtor Brenda Mullen wrote a fabulous blog post Priced to Sell!!….Aren’t They All? In a witty, lighthearted yet insightful way, Brenda asks a very good question …. aren’t all homes on the market priced to sell? What’s the alternative “priced NOT to sell”?  I think Brenda’s intent was to poke a little fun at the silly things Realtors sometimes say …

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Jan 12

How Much Should I Spend to Stage?

house and money

I received an email over the weekend from someone who is considering putting his home on the market.  He wanted to know if he had to redo his kitchen and, if so, how much did I think it would cost?  And finally, would he be able to recoup the expense when he sold the house? This …

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Jan 01

Tips for Selling Your House During the Winter Months

selling home during winter months

It’s tough selling a house during the cold and snowy winter months, BUT that doesn’t mean you have to be discouraged. While it’s true, there are fewer house hunters this time of year, those who are looking are usually QUITE serious. I’d take a SERIOUS buyer over a “lookyloo” any day! Here are a few …

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Dec 29

Creative Accessorizing


Whether you are planning on staying in your home or getting ready to sell it, accessorizing is a wonderful way to add interest. The colors, textures, shapes, and sizes of the accessories we choose can enhance the inviting ambiance most of us want to create – either for ourselves or for the potential buyers. And …

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Dec 22

Seller Sabotage Syndrome


Before you can prepare your home for sale, you must first prepare YOURSELF.  Very often  emotional attachment to our home gets in the way of our home sale success.   During Day 1 of the Ready2Sellin30Days program, we discuss the importance of overcoming emotional obstacles that sellers typically don’t even realize exist.  Below is a brief excerpt ….   “Seller Sabotage …

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