Dec 29

Creative Accessorizing

Whether you are planning on staying in your home or getting ready to sell it, accessorizing is a wonderful way to add interest. The colors, textures, shapes, and sizes of the accessories we choose can enhance the inviting ambiance most of us want to create – either for ourselves or for the potential buyers. And believe it or not, you can probably find some items around your house – or at least for very little money – that will do just that!

First, candles are wonderful accessories.  Used alone or grouped on the mantel, in the center of a dining room table, or by the side of a jacuzzi, they add warmth and color, which can be enhanced by the way they are displayed.  Make a statement with a large dramatic holder.  Or try using a tray with clear or colored marbles.  Group several different sizes on a variety of pedestals (perhaps clay pots turned upside down) in the fireplace.  One caution: if the house is on the market, make certain they are unscented.  Otherwise, light them and enjoy both the glow and the scent.

Plants are another great way to add interest, color and texture.  And you can use either real (make sure they are healthy) or fake (that look life-like).  Added to bookshelves and mantels, they soften hard lines.  Or use them as part of a grouping on the coffee or end table.  Place one in front of a mirror to double the appeal.  And of course, on the floor they can soften edges, make entrances into rooms more inviting, or fill an uninviting corner with life.

Books are another great accessory.  Beautiful leather-like books can make a statement of their own on a mantel, side table – or even in a bookshelf.  And if you need height with your accessorizing, take the paper cover off a hardcover book and use it as a stand for another accessory.  You can even make a too-short lamp the appropriate height!  Just make certain the title isn’t one a guest or potential buyer would find offensive. 

And you can find so many other creative ways to accessorize simply by looking around your house.  Think pretty plates on stands, decorative baskets (useful as well to hide clutter), or simply clear vases filled with marbles or shells.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Ann Anderson, owner of Rooms Reborn, founder and Director of the School of Interior Redesign, co-founder of the Association of Design Education, and co-creator of the Ready2Sellin30Days system

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