Jan 19

Inexpensive Staging Ideas

There is a lot of information on why the costs of staging when putting a house on the market are worth every penny.  And that is certainly true. But there are still ways to save money when staging – ways that won’t compromise the quality of the staging itself, but will help save on the overall expense. Here are a five easy to implement suggestions:

1. If you need additional accessories, try placing a single stem in a vase for a dramatic effect. Glass vases can be purchased inexpensively at craft stores. You may be able to purchase a single stem from a florist at the end of the day on Saturday at a greatly discounted price – and just in time for Sunday open houses. Or try flowering branches from your own yard, or even fresh fruit (which will last much longer) in a pretty bowl on a dining table or kitchen counter top.

2. When you remove the family photos, if you don’t have anything to fill the space, leave it empty. There is nothing wrong with empty wall space (within reason) – and this is in fact much better than too much on the walls. Empty wall space allows the potential buyers fewer distractions, allowing them to notice the house rather than the things in it.

3. If you need window treatments to replace worn or dated ones, or to cover a less than attractive view, purchase sheers. These will add the softness, cover a less than perfect view, and still bring in light – all at a very reasonable price.

4. If you need to update bedding, stick with solid colors you can use to mix and match. Solid-colored sheets, a solid comforter folded back, and a few solid-colored throw pillows can be purchased inexpensively (f you don’t already have them) yet give an updated look to a bedroom. (Think color-blocking!)

5. Purchase flowers near the end of their season (and on sale) and place in pots on the front walkway to create an inviting entrance. You’ll still get lots of colorful blooms – and at a great price.

Ann Anderson,  the owner of Rooms Reborn, founder and Director of the School of Interior Redesign, co-founder of the Association of Design Education, and co-creator of the Ready2Sellin30Days system.


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