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Tips for Selling Your House During the Winter Months

It’s tough selling a house during the cold and snowy winter months, BUT that doesn’t mean you have to be discouraged. While it’s true, there are fewer house hunters this time of year, those who are looking are usually QUITE serious. I’d take a SERIOUS buyer over a “lookyloo” any day!

Here are a few tips for winning over your prospects when selling a home during the winter months:

1. Remove snow and ice from the driveway and all walkways, and keep them neatly shoveled and sanded. Perhaps this seems too obvious to mention – but EVERY winter we come across homes where this is not done! If buyers can’t safely enter your house, you’ve lost the sale. AND if someone slips on ice and gets hurt – you could have a law suit on your hands. If your home is vacant, arrange to have this important job done by someone else.

2. Be sure to also remove snow and ice from patios and decks. These are important selling features that you don’t want overlooked simply because they’re typically not used in the winter.

3. Do you have a pool? Hot tub? A garden? Display an attractive a photo album with pictures of how beautiful the flowers look in your yard look in the spring; the clean and refreshing water in the pool during the summer; the vibrant colors of the trees in the fall. (Be sure to keep the photos of the scenery and not your family.)

4. Add potted evergreens to front porches/entrances for added color, warmth and life.

5. Keep thermostat at a comfortable setting and light a cozy fire in the fireplace (if you have one) whenever possible.

If your home been on the market for several months without any bites, you might want to consider taking it off the market for a little while. You can always re-list in the spring. It’s a lot easier for your agent to create excitement for a “NEW” listing (with a new price that reflects the current market conditions) than for an old, tired, over-priced and shop-worn one.

Karen Bernetti is a Real Estate Stager, owner of Staging4Smooth Transitions, former Realtor and co-creator of the Ready2Sellin30Days System. Call 860-302-0333 to learn more.

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